The Ocean Grand Prix 2011 schedules six races in Sicily

Hercules Sägemann and the Searex Racing Team ? ready for the Syracuse triple-headerThe two Sicilian cities of Syracuse and Milazzo will both play host to a rare event when the competing teams arrive for the UIM Ocean Grand Prix World Endurance Championship; three races will replace the traditional format of two. The addition of a Friday sprint race presents a demanding new challenge which results from the cancellation of the Dutch GP and has the support of the pilots. Sigi Greve, owner and driver of the German Searex Racing team, has welcomed the change. (more…)

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The Organization passes on Grand Prix of the Sea to 2012

Grand Prix of the sea cancelled in 2011On Monday 25th July 2011, the Council of State will announce her decision in the summary proceedings of the Association of the West Frisian Islands against the Province of North-Holland. Three weeks ago, this Association instituted legal proceedings against the Province with the objective to revoke the permit given by the Province for 5 years, to organise a Powerboat race at the Marsdiep, close to Den Helder. Next to this case, the Association of the West Frisian Islands, has made an appeal to the Department Regulations to forbid the Race. The organisation of the Grand Prix of the Sea expects to receive the decision not earlier than tomorrow.  (more…)

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