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Of course I like it when you check every day but in real life things are always different. That’s why I’ve implemented a new feature: the notification. When you subscribe you wil get a notification by email whenever a new post is published on It’s all about comfort. With this, I don’t think a newsletter is needed. By the way, your e-mailadres won’t be used for anything else and won’t be passed on to a 3rd party.

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Read More gets overhauled

Since its origination in 2008 had the same look and feel … until now. Because visitors gave me feedback, I took the opportunity to make the content more accessible and offer a better overview. You also wanted even more power boating videos directly on the front page. You found the links section not very interesting what puzzled me a bit but the solution is at hand. Also the site now has a powerful search feature which was the number one feature request. I now say goodbye to the old lay-out (see below) and hope you will like the new one and share this article. (more…)

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Do it for the sport, the teams, the passion

Searex flying high above the Maltese seaHelp to spread this message. Like and link it on your Facebook page or Twitter account. Don’t do it for the site itself but do it for the promotion of powerboating. Share and like our news stories, pictures and video’s of powerboating. You show people you’re passionate about the magic of speed on the water.

Just click the sharing buttons on top of each frontpage article, video, newsflash and you’ve spread the word. It’s so easy and the impact is big because sponsors will get even more attention thanks to you and you know that this great sport of powerboating needs sponsors. The community of powerboating just got bigger when you’ve added a powerboating facebook page, a powerboating twitter account or an own powerboating website. Let’s make it big and let’s do it for the sport, let’s do it for the teams and last but not least let’s do it for the passion!

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Virtual Supersport by TimeTronik

Virtual SupersportWe’ve added a new and unique feature on our website thanks to the timekeepers team (TimeTronik). Each supersport boat has a timebox built by TimeTronik that keeps track of the speed. As you know overspeeding in that class can result in penalties (extra time). Smart use of these data made it possible to also show how they raced the course thanks to a gps module.

So the TimeTronik guys made an animation based on true facts and figures that reconstructs and plots the course along the track for each Supersport powerboat. As an example we’ve put the Sunday race of Malta 2010 online in two dimensions: 640 x 400 (small) and 1280 x 800 (big). You can always watch it in full screen. This absolutely unique feature is undoubtedly an added value to our website and will be welcomed by the Supersport teams. You’ll find it under the menu button Multmedia and then choose Virtual Supersport. Enjoy it!

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2010 Races

RacesThis season 5 race weekends are being planned. It’s the needed number to administer a World Championship. We’ve added an extra menu button above (2010 Races) to provide you with the race calender of 2010. Long awaited and finally published. Check it regularly because there are two locations that needs TBC (to be confirmed). Clicking on the city will provide you with extra information about the races. The first race is in Yalta, Ukraine in May. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

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Download wallpapers

Download wallpapersYou can boost your desktop with more powerboating to show to your family, friends and colleagues. We’ve prepared them in different sizes from 800 x 600 to HD which you can show immediately on your Full HD flat screen TV. You need the HiRes pictures to print for instance then you’ll goto Each wallpaper has a watermark. It shows respect to leave it there because the place where these photos were taken is not evident. We hope you enjoy this initiative and stay tuned for we will add more in the future.

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