Our 4 Elements

Be sure to read our project Horizon first.

Established in 1979, based in Cape Town, South Africa, Gemini Marine has designed and manufactured the most comprehensive range of RIB’s and inflatable boats for many of the world’s rescue, military and patrol entities for over 30 years.

Using the latest technology and techniques, ensuring quality and reliability, Gemini delivers top quality RIB’s.

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Sharing passion and performance is at the heart of this Japanese based company’s philosophy. Well known for its high quality music instruments and audio equipment, Yamaha also excels with their outboard engines often going beyond the limits.

Customer experience is key. Innovation, excellence and authenticity garanties the Yamaha quality.

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Innovation, high end materials and professional support are the backbone of this company, based in the Netherlands.

Through their customer knowledge they offer any boat trailer the customer needs.

User friendly handling and getting there safely wear high priority. Stainless steel is their platform.

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At the heart of Horizon’s ethos is creating a unique platform to run our awareness campaign.

Raising awareness for Autism through marine motorsport.

Each one of our partners is actively involved in our mission.

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