UIM F2 World Championship 2017 – Antwerp

Hot of the press. In the weekend of July 21 the UIM F2 World Championship 2017 will take place in Antwerp,  Belgium. We invite all supporters there. Excellent concept: the entrance is free and the arena is in front of the ‘Zuiderterras’, a walking terrace along the river Scheldt. The venue is quite unique, it is located very close to the pictoresk part of Antwerp with lots of restaurants, pubs, shops and the Town Hall. Be there, we will!

7 Thoughts to “UIM F2 World Championship 2017 – Antwerp”

  1. Frans Delbeke

    Hi guys! Looking forward to this shit!
    Let’s rrrooooooooollll!!

  2. Boesmans Raf


    can someone tell us the exact time scedual of these days? Also the expected ammount of visitors?
    Thank you!

    1. karel

      Hi Raf

      Thank you for your comment. We will publish the programme as soon as we have it. Stay tuned.
      As the event is in summer, a lot of tourists will visit it.

      1. Boesmans Raf

        Good morning Karel,
        Thank you for your quick response. We need the programme as soon as possible because we are responsible for the public transport. The same weekend we have Tomorrowland so 90% of our agents are at work there. When possible send the programme to my e-mail adress. Thank you!


        1. karel

          Hi Raf

          Good move! Will do.

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