UIM with DMYV at BOOT 2012 Düsseldorf

Union Internationale MotonautiqueThe UIM will present the Youth Development Programme and the 2011 UIM Environmental Awards Nominations. The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), founded in 1922,is the world governing body for Powerboating, fully recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

In more than 60 countries around the world, powerboat races are being organised under UIM leadership with an increasing number of participating drivers and nationalities.

UIM have introduced a new strategic approach and among its priority projects the UIM has clearly identified the UIM Youth Development Programme with the aim to promote the Sport towards the Youngsters in a pro active way(Creation of Training Centres, execution of Road Shows and Boat Shows). UIM will have boats dedicated to this program and the GT 15 and GT 30 categories have been identified as the basis for this training and promotional program. They are mono hull boats 3.8 mt long with an outboard engine but with the characteristics and the handling typical of a racing boat. UIM will present the programme with a worldwide preview at the forthcoming 43rd edition of the Dusseldorf Boat Show together with DMYV, the German National Authority for Powerboating. The Boot has been chosen because it is one of the most important worldwide exhibitions for the Watersports Activities.

A press conference is scheduled for Saturday, January 21st – 2012 at 12:15 (Halle 5, C46.1), in which the UIM president Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, together with UIM Council members, the members of the UIM Youth Development Programme Task Force and representatives of the German Powerboating Federation, DMYV, will unveil the new boats to the worldwide press starting officially the UIM Youth Development Programme.

The programme in this first phase has been funded by ADIMSC, the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club, Peters & May, a main company active in Global Marine logistic and transport, and UIM itself. The Goal is to strengthen the participation and nurture the passion for Powerboating starting from the junior level.

In conjunction with the presentation and the display of the new boats at a dedicate DMYV area at the Boot, the UIM will also announce the Nominations for the 2011 UIM Environmental Awards, another key project of the International Powerboating Federation which is fully committed to the environmental sustainability of the sport. The prestigious trophies will be awarded the 11 th of February 2012 during the third edition of the UIM Awards Giving Gala, an event which will be held at the Salle des Etoile in Monte Carlo, Monaco Principality, where annually UIM crown its World Champions.


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