A tribute to Mauro Ravenna

The international powerboating family is mourning the tragic loss of one of its most prominent and legendary members, Mauro Ravenna. On May 27th, 2010 Mauro Ravenna passed away at Havana. He was there after having successfully organized the UIM’s Aquabike World Championships at Guadalupe.

He suffered fatal injuries in a tragic car accident. He died in the arms of his son Fabio in a hospital of the Cuban Capital.

Mauro Ravenna was one of the well-known points of reference within the UIM world in the last three decades. After a successful career in organizing world boxing events, from the mid-80’ies onwards Mauro Ravenna promoted and led to the top the Class 1 Offshore scene. He entered new territories for the UIM, such as the United Arab Emirates and Cuba. He organized safely and successfully hundreds of competitions and he developed the sport to new highs. In 1996, he became the UIM promoter for all international Aqua bike events and he significantly developed this discipline all over the world. He passed away at the beginning of a new and fascinating season at the age of 77 years. UIM?s condolences go to Mauro?s family. We invite all of you to honour the memory of a man who gave his life to the sport and who always will be in our memories and our hearts.

Mauro Ravenna
A tribute to a legend: Mauro Ravenna receives the Stefano Casiraghi Memorial Trophy (Marco Casiraghi on the left, UIM President Raffaele Chiulli on the right).
The honour was given in recognition of special service to the sport, for his commitment to the development and improvement of powerboating throughout his career at the beginning of March 2010.