Six more Belgian Offshore Challenge videos found

“A great place the internet is”, could Joda have said. Indeed. Thanks to the hint by long-time friend Pascal, I went on YouTube and Vimeo and found 6 more Belgian Offshore Challenge videos. Some with an onboard camera thanks to the Derksen team! It brings the total for now at 14 (check Categories > Video). Unique documents piece by piece. I’m convinced that there are more videos out there, saved on hard drives waiting to resurface. So spread the word that and The Belgian Offshore Challenge Community on Facebook are looking for more footage. “Great our gratitude will be”.

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The Belgian Offshore Challenge Community on Facebook

If you were part of the Belgian Offshore Challenge experience in the past, become a member and share your memories, photos and videos. It’s a retrospective community in Flemish and your posts will revive these great times when organisors were truly passionate about powerboating. They were not in it for the money – they even put their own money in the organisation – and welcomed every participant. These people were no ‘day flies’ hence the huge succes of 10 years Belgian Offshore Challenge. So join this unique, growing community of ‘soulmates’.

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The Belgian Offshore Challenge: a decade of fun and passion

Anyone who talkes about offshore racing in Belgium comes up with the Belgian Offshore Challenge (BOC). Thomas Vandamme and his passionate enthusiasts as Jean-Marie Van Lancker, Kris Deraedt, Francis Notschaele, Hendrik Goderis – just to name a few, the list is quite long – he and his crew were able to pull it off every time again. Together they made powerboat racing in Belgium fun. Ingrid and Heidi from BMC also supported the events. Aquabikes were a part of the BOC as well. It were great weekends with a saturday night dinner for everyone. For everyone. The BOC was a winning concept, very close to the people. The organizing team has always put the participants and their safety first. I remember it well. These were the key success factors. These guys along with others have invested their own money and lots of time to turn the BOC into a reference that still stands today. It has become a benchmark. Check out the Facebook page. (more…)

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