Nieuw Belgisch P1 team in 2009 !

Fountain PowerboatWe are proud to announce that we have a new Belgian P1 team for the 2009 season. The yet nameless team has acquired a brand new Fountain Powerboat with 2 Mercury engines. The reigning WorldChampions of the Evolution Class 2008 drove the same boat (but with different engines).

The Belgian team will get noticed when they hit the starting line. We got hold of the pilot (Pierre Colpin) for an exclusive interview which you can read here below. We can already reveal that the team has experienced members. This breaking news is even for team itself quite exciting. In all the P1 2009 season promises to become very intense. What will the new P1 season look like for you guys?
Pierre: It was only yesterday that we decided to join the P1 season so everything is just starting to come together. It\’s too early yet to define in which races we actually will compete. Two are already scheduled. To participate during every race in the season, we still need to attract a main sponsor. We mainly focus on 2010 when we will race every Grand Prix of the Sea. So we now see 2009 as a prep year to extend our experience and level of competence. Who are your sponsors at this time?
Pierre: Untill now we have several local companies like construction companies and interior decorators. Thanks to them we could speed up our plan to join the Grand Prix in 2009.

Powerboating. be: Now that you\’re a team owner, are there other races besides the P1 that you will join?
Pierre: We want to focus on P1 but we also think to head for the European Championship of the Italian Powerboat Series. We will attend the Belgian Offschore Challenge in Zeebrugge in september 2009.

Pilot Throttles Manager Reserve-Pilot Boot
Pierre Colpin Frank Hemelaer Stein De Bruycker Benjamin Van Riet Fountain Powerboats
Lightning 40
length: 12,20 m
width: 2,52 m
bouwjaar: 2009
construction: Fibreglass
weight: 3 350 kg (basis)
pilotes: zittend
Pierre Colpin
Frank Hemelaer
Stein De Bruycker
Benjamin Van Riet
engines: 2 x Mercury 700SCI
pk: 2 x 700
transmission: SCS Crash Box
fuel: gas
Fountain Powerboat

Fountain Powerboat

Fountain Powerboat Fountain Powerboat