Searex powerboat team ready for P1 2009

Gino Passchier enSigfried GreveThe new Searex 43-foot powerboat was tested earlier this week in Travemunde (G). Both Sigi Greve and Belgian throttleman Gino Passchier are ready to enter the competition. Gino will be participating in the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix of the Sea already for the 4th time in a row.

The first GP is held in Malta during the weekend of 8 and 9 May 2009. Gino Passchier and teamowner Sigfried Greve will compete in the Evolution Class with boat # 66 Cranefields Wine. The boat is powered by 2 x 525 EFI V8 engines with compressor. The two men have set the 2008 Worldspeedrecord at Lake Coniston with their previous P1 Powerboat. The P1 races are held in 5 countries: Matla, Turkey, Sweden, Italy and Bahrain. The races will be broadcasted on a later date through the Eurosport Tv-Channel.

Searex Diva in Travemunde (D)