The countdown has begun

Jolly Ddrive Team (It) - (c) Karel Overlaet - MedianautWe had to wait for a year to announce the fantastic news again: the Grand Prix of the Sea is on! From May 24th till 26th 2013 Scheveningen in the Netherlands is the powerboating epicenter of Europe. The Grand Prix of the Sea absolutely is the place to be for powerboating fanatics and everyone who wants to experience the special ambiance in and around the pits.

The VIP-packages give you the opportunity to invite some good friends or colleaque’s or business relations and to have a good time. ¬†Soon we will post the schedule’s of these three exciting days in May so stay tuned!

Evo class - The Grand Prix of the Sea - The German team and the American team (in red) - (c) Karel Overlaet - Medianaut

SuperSport class -The Grand Prix of the Sea - Two Italian teams racing for the victory - (c) Karel Overlaet - Medianaut

Evo class - The Grand Prix of the Sea - The Belgian powerboating team doing what they do best: leading the game - (c) Karel Overlaet - Medianaut