Scheveningen 2013 official entry list and results

Microlink is the new World Champion of the 2013 UIM Powerboat World Championship endurance racing at Scheveningen, The Netherlands on Saturday 25 May - (c) Karel Overlaet - Medianaut.beAfter a sabbath year the GPS is back. Agreed, even though in 2013 it was only one venue and as you will see later and only one round, it felt good to see the teams again and experience that particular beehive in pit. Although 10 teams were expected to participate in the end there were six, 3 in every class (Supersport and Evo). This was the official entry list: (more…)

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Powerpole Siracusa GPS 2010: Furnibo and Baia Attolini rule

SilverlineWith winds around 4 Bft and gusts up to 5 the Powerpole was run in the beautiful deep blue waters of Siracusa under a burning sun. In Evolution Furnibo 2B1 (B) beat Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa (I) with almost 14 seconds which is a huge distance. Metamarine Foresti Suardi (I) follows on more then 13 seconds of Snav Kiton (I) and got 3rd place. (more…)

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