Siracusa 2010 penalties weekend for evolution

Team Furnibo #33As we just received the standings for rounds 9 en 10 it seems that penalties have changed the Endurance results for the Evolution Class. Buoy J knocking loose affected no less than 4 powerboats: nrs. 33, 88, 60 and 55. They all received a time penalty of 30 minutes after a protest of another Evolution Class team.

They did not follow the gps co-ordinates of that missing buoy. This means that Silverline ranks first in the Endurance race on Sunday because they followed the correct route. Furnibo has to swallow another 40 points penalty because they raced with only 1 sensor in the Endurance race (there is 1 sensor for every engine). So in the Sunday race results Silverline takes that win. These penalties however change nothing in the ranking of the final World Championship 2010. The specific rule (PN 309 T8d) has been updated during the General Assembly of Malta some weeks ago to avoid future discussions on the number of penalty points in the case of Furnibo and Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa in Bacoli 2010. All the results have now been published in the Standings menu at the top.


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