Sprint race success for Italy and Belgium

Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore ChallengeIn the Evolution class of the 2010 Siracusa GPS Furnibo (B) wins while in the Supersport class the triumph goes to Al&Al racing team (I) with Big Sergio. These two teams were dominant in the first race of the final weekend of the 2010 World Championship Powerboat Grand Prix of Siracusa.

This event is organized by the organization of the Sicilian Region, the City of Siracusa and water Suio and Sai8. We talked with Furnibo and Al&Al. In Evolution class the Grand Prix was dominated from the start to the last lap by Furnibo taking the lead and giving the competition – primarily OSG Racing team – a hard time and showing that the Fountain powerboat is at its best is this course: “A very strong race” Pierre Colpin, pilot of Furnibo stated. “And it also was a spectacular race and as I said before this weekend, we are here to win 2 races in a row like in 2009. We love this circuit, we love Siracusa and a race that is half in open sea and the rest in a bay: simply fantastic!”

An incredible win comes also in the Supersport class from Baia, Bacoli. The team of Alfredo Nuzzo and Alfredo Amato who dominated the Sprint race from start to finish were never threatened. Karelpiu’ RG87 who runs a great season takes the second place and Seagull Chaudron the third position: “We are close to perfection” Alfredo Amato said. “It was a spectacular race, we dominated from start to finish and we have shown that when the boat sticks to the water we are the best. It’s a shame that we have achieved this status just in the second part of the season, but we are sure that for the 2011 season we will surely be the team to beat” concludes a very happy Alfredo Nuzzo: “We want to finish this championship by winning the Siracusa Grand Prix”.

Furnibo 2B1 Racing Team

Al&Al with Big Sergio

Evolution podium

Supersport podium