Powerpole Siracusa GPS 2010: Furnibo and Baia Attolini rule

SilverlineWith winds around 4 Bft and gusts up to 5 the Powerpole was run in the beautiful deep blue waters of Siracusa under a burning sun. In Evolution Furnibo 2B1 (B) beat Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa (I) with almost 14 seconds which is a huge distance. Metamarine Foresti Suardi (I) follows on more then 13 seconds of Snav Kiton (I) and got 3rd place.

Closely followed by Ukranian Spirit (UA) in 4th position. Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge (S) beat Silverline (UK) by just 25/100 of a second and earned the 5th place. Cranefields Wine – Carconnex (D) did not start due to the repair of an oil leak in the engine. They preferred to take the time to get their powerboat up and running instead of rushing into things. Benjamin Van Riet drove the Silverline powerboat because Miles Jennings, the pilot, couldn’t get here on time.


Supersport Evolution
Nr Boat name Time Nr Boat name Time
38 Baia Attolini 00:04:12,25  33 Furnibo 00:03:16,86
06 Jolly Drive 00:04:13,22 88 Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa 00:03:30,54
81 Karelpiu’ 00:04:13,82 60 Metamarine Foresti Suardi 00:03:43,82
44 Kenon Caffé 00:04:15,71 55 Ukrainian Spirit 00:03:46,00
18 F. Di Cesare Riscaldimenti 00:04:43,21 77 Lucas Oil SOC 00:03:47,29
 22 Big Sergio DNS 47 Silverline 00:03:47,54
 43 Seagull Chaudron DNS 66 Cranefields Wine – Carconnex DNS

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