2011 Ocean Grand Prix at Siracusa: changes in Evo standings

Siracusa 2011 Hercules SägemannSaturday’s Evo result in the UIM Siracusa Ocean Grand Prix has changed following a protest against the winning boat which was upheld. The result is disqualification of Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge. Hercules Sägemann, piloted by Sigi Greve and Douglas Verbanck now take the win and into title contention as the UIM Ocean Grand Prix World Championship arrives at the business-end of the season.

Before taking to the water for yesterday’s race, Lucas Oil had informed the teams and organisers to the fact that they could only race with one torque sensor and worked with officials to find a suitable solution. Due to the lack of a spare, Lucas Oil had no choice but to contravene the rules. It was agreed by all the teams that the infringement resulted from an unfortunate situation and in no way reflected upon the character or integrity of the team.

Power to weight ratio is the key measure to ensure that the championship maintains a level playing field for all competitors. The torque sensor, fitted to each individual engine, enables power output to be accurately determined and monitored. Sigi Greve, team owner and throttleman, Hercules Saegemann: “Yesterday we had an epic battle on the water with Lucas Oil and that does not change. We feel for them, they had a problem which appeared to be sensor-related. Yes, they were in technical breach and the decision is right but they gained no advantage and raced for the right reason; to provide a great show for the public.”

The revised UIM OGP World Powerboat Championship leader board after four rounds is as follows:

Pos. — No. — Boat Name — Nat. — Pts.
1 — 33 — Furnibo — BEL — 65
2 — 77 — Lucas Oil — SWE — 49
3 — 66 — Hercules Saegemann — DEU — 43
4 — 47 — Silverline — GBR — 12