2014 Ibiza World Championship

2014 Ibiza World Chamionship - courtesy of /IWC\Beautiful Ibiza is the host for the World Championship from 5 to 7 september 2014. Guests may already enjoy september 4th. The field is large: Class One, Class V1 and Aquabike will be racing for a place on the winners’ podium. It’s a stunning and breath-taking event widely regarded as the absolute pinnacle of world powerboat racing.

The Class One race boats are twin-engined and can reach speeds in excess of 257 km/h, with V12 engines limited in performance to 850hp at 7600 rpm and V8 engines limited in performance to 850hp at 6100 rpm. Class V1 are also powerboats with canopies, twin powered V-hulls reaching speeds for up to more than 200 km/h. Aquabike is speed and fun in its pure state. The spectacular freestyle event shows how these athletes control their machines. Mind blowing! And of course there is also an edurance race. Powerboating.be will keep you posted so stay tuned!