Powerboating’s domains expanded

Started in 2008, Powerboating.be focussed mainly on Belgian powerboating teams. It was and still is the only Belgian powerboating dedicated website. Independant! After all these years, it is still the market leader. The visitors of Powerboating.be were also interested in international news and media. This is why I decided from the beginning to buy other domains as well, like .nl, .eu. Very recently I also bought the .world domain. That last one ‘Powerboating.world’ will become our visual from now on. I also changed the base line from ‘Putting Passion First’ to  ‘all the rest is waiting’. This said, time to go back to work for you. Enjoy!


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20170217 – Top 10 articles on powerboating.be


Here’s the top 10 of what you’ve liked and shared so far since powerboating.be resurfaced. Enjoy and many thanks for your support!

DONZI 43 ZR Power Boat – Ferrari Performance meets James Bond Style
Feast your eyes on the brand new DIEMAX V12
2017 Belgian Championship Offshore
Six more Belgian Offshore Challenge videos found
What’s the definition of a powerboat
Donzi 38 ZRC Pace Boat – Sarasota, Florida
UIM F2 World Championship 2017 – Antwerp
Apache powerboat speed test
Get your kicks with this cool Martini Racing video
10 The Belgian Offshore Challenge: a decade of fun and passion
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What happens when you click the Read More button

Not all the content of the articles on powerboating.be is shown on the homepage. Although there is no more extra news when a video is posted, clicking on the ‘Read More’ button let’s you always see what others also viewed or read. Using this feature opens up more content very easy and this is one of my absolute key performance indicators (KPI). See what you get when you click on ‘Read More’ …


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What’s your internet connection speed

Powerboating.be is all about speed on the water in fast and powerful boats. But what with your internet connection? I’ve tested mine (see image) at home. Take your speedtest with Ookla. It puts the most sophisticated broadband testing and analysis tools into the hands of anyone interested in finding out just how connected they actually are. This free service from Ookla opens hundreds of testing locations around the world to anyone curious about the performance of their Internet connection. Use this service to view your service’s performance history, then share and compare with others near you – or around the globe. (more…)

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A big thanks to you!

Since the revamp of powerboating.be on January 8th 2017, the site totals an average of 100 visitors a day. This is awesome and I want to thank you all for this. It also means that the interest for powerboating in general is alive and kicking. Even Google.be lends a hand by placing powerboating.be at the top of the search results when you search for ‘powerboating’. See the screenshot below. Together we can keep the dream alive and perhaps these good times will return. (more…)

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