Grand Prix of the Sea the Netherlands on August 5, 6 and 7 in Den Helder

GPS in Den HelderIn August 2011 Den Helder will be all about the Powerboatraces. On August 5, 6 & 7 The Worldchampionships Powerboatraces in several different classes will be held on the Marsdiep. Along the Marsdiep there’s a 2-mile (3 km) long dike that will be used as a natural tribune during the event.

Never has the (International and National) audience had the opportunity to watch the Powerboat races so up close. A true experience on water with a divers program on Willemsoord as well.

The competitors
De Grand Prix of the Sea the Netherlands will be hosting the Ocean Grand Prix (OGP). This is the highest International nautical motorsportseries. Several international teams in the World fastest monohull high performance prototypes and production boats will be competing with each other. With an engine power up to about 1800 hp speeds above 200 km/h can be reached. Next to these races, races will be held in the fast Formula 2 and fast race RIB’s. We’re hoping that the current Worldchampion F2, Johan Coenradi, can prologue his title during this Grand Prix of the Sea.

OGP-Classe (= Ocean Grand Prix) has two catagories: EVO and Supersport Class.
In the Formula-2 Class the game is on for EC and WC. Johan Coenradi (Nl) is the reigning World Champion.
Race RIB’s: the RIB-1 class (unlimited) and RIB-2 class (max. 8 m and 350 pk) will be racing for the Dutch Open Championship.

OGP Powerboat racing 2011

The Grand Prix of the Sea is more than just racing
The event offers more than only races on the highest level. It’s a complete 3-day experience. Next to all races, there’ll be lots of other items on the program. In between the races, there’ll be several demonstrations, such as water landings by parachutists and a demo by the Royal Dutch Navy. On Willemsoord, the main venue for the Grand Prix of the Sea, several other activities are present.On Willemsoord you will find the Business & Lifestyle Fair, the Roadshow of the Dutch Royal Navy and the full motion Formule 1 car simulator by Bleekemolens Race Planet. Furthermore there’s a demonstration and a race with R/C raceboats. Radio Veronica will be there with their drive-in show for the Music.

Ticket sales (online only)
Standard daytickets are only sold online on their website. Tickets are available for Friday at 35,00 EUR each, Saturday at 45,00 EUR each and Sunday 55,00 EUR each. Kids up to 12 years have free admittance. Special VIP tickets are also available: A VIP will be able to follow all races exclusively from the water on one of the luxurious partyships of Oceandiva.

OGP Powerboat Racing 2011

The organisation is planning to hold this unique event for the next 5 years. It has an agreement with the International Promotor of OGP. A license has been issued by the Dutch Government for 5 years. The last 1,5 year a lot of effort and time (and not to forget money) has been spent to examine and meet all regulations and demands that comes along with such an event. Extern undependable research shows that the organisation easily stays within all demands made up by the Natura 2000 law with these races. On several points, for instance sound, the organisation has even put the norm higher than regulated by Law.