The Organization passes on Grand Prix of the Sea to 2012

Grand Prix of the sea cancelled in 2011On Monday 25th July 2011, the Council of State will announce her decision in the summary proceedings of the Association of the West Frisian Islands against the Province of North-Holland. Three weeks ago, this Association instituted legal proceedings against the Province with the objective to revoke the permit given by the Province for 5 years, to organise a Powerboat race at the Marsdiep, close to Den Helder. Next to this case, the Association of the West Frisian Islands, has made an appeal to the Department Regulations to forbid the Race. The organisation of the Grand Prix of the Sea expects to receive the decision not earlier than tomorrow. 

Point of view of Grand Prix of the Sea
The organisation of the Grand Prix of the Sea took great care in tracking down the date and location for the event. The location Den Helder with the Marsdiep has appeared to be the most appropriate location. Off course, specific legal requirements and standards prevail, which we want to meet. After a comprehensive research by the Maritime Research Bureau IMARES, it has been determined that the event, in the way Grand Prix of the Sea wants to organize it, has to respect the prevailing standards and does not harm nature and surroundings. On a lot of aspects, the organisation even voluntarily used a more severe standardisation than required legally.

No Grand Prix of the Sea on 2011-07-25
Apart from the final decision by the Council of State, the acquisition of the necessary permits and the proceedings of the Association of the West Frisian Islands, has caused such delays that, a week before the world championship event in Den Helder, there is still not yet a definitive green light. The period of time, in which the participating teams have to take care of the transport of their boats and logistical support to The Netherlands, has therefore become too short. Sponsors of the event and of the World Championship must be able to invite worldwide their partners and guests. Also for the organisation itself, the realisation of some aspects of the programme is not realizable anymore because of the pressure of time with all commercial consequences for the sponsors and partners of the event. A number of aspects had already been cancelled in the programme. The conclusion is that many crucial decisions should already have been taken. At each event there is a point of no return. For the Grand Prix of the Sea this point was Friday 22 July. During this weekend, after a long and good consideration and talks with the partners and the sponsors, it has been decided that the Grand Prix of the Sea will not take place in 2011. This is much to our regret, but we want together with all parties involved in the event, only continue if the quality and the professionalism of the event can be guaranteed. Within the time remaining now, this objective is not realistic anymore. Also taking into account the huge risk of damage to the event and financial consequences for all parties involved, we cannot decide now otherwise.

The event 2012 and on
Our objective is still to put up in the coming years an event as it was planned by us and communicated to the media. The complete event strategy/plan of the grand Prix and the authorisation of the local government is forming for this purpose a reliable base. The Grand Prix of the Sea will therefore continue with the organisation and planning of the event for the forthcoming years, but this in a way that is commercially and sportsmanlike correct. We expect therewith that Den Helder will remain the location of this unique event in the World Championship Endurance powerboat races.

How will the organisation go on
The organisation wants to use the upcoming period to settle with all agreements related at the event as it has been planned in till now. Off course, we will also approach the people that have already bought a ticket. All parties involved will be approached by us. Moreover, we will communicate all necessary information by the website and the national and local media. Taking into account the importance and size of the project, the completion of all this will take some time. We ask you therefore your patience and understanding.

With kind regards,
Grand Prix of the Sea

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