International Motor Sport Federations join forces

United Motor Sport FederationsAn important meeting among the leading International Motorsport Federations has been held in Barcelona during the MotoGP. FIM (Motorcycle), which hosted the meeting, FAI (Aeronautic), FIA (Automobile) and UIM (Powerboating) have met again with their Joint International Motorsport Working Group and the attendance of the International Olympic Committee.

Amongst the main meeting results was the decision by the International Motorsport Federations to create a Joint Council in order to share knowledge and best practices with the aim to promote sustainable and safe sport. One of the first joint initiatives will be to support and celebrate the next year World Environmental Day. The UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli and the attending UIM representatives Mr. Riccardo Ballesio, Mr Svein Elgvin and Mr. Roy Wetterstad stated to be very happy with the achievements of the meeting. This was also a significant opportunity for International Motorsport Federation Presidents Dr. Raffaele Chiulli of UIM, Mr. Jean Todt of FIA and Mr. Vito Ippolito of FIM to meet and share vision and challenges of Motorsports.

(Photo credit UIM. From right to left: Alex Goldenberg (FIM), Stéphane Desprez (FAI), Jean-Laurent Bourquin (IOC), Riccardo Ballesio (UIM), Raffaelle Chiulli (UIM), Oriol Puig Bulto (FIM), Kattia Hernandez (FIM), Lars Edvall (FIA), Svein Elgvin (UIM), Vito Ippolito (FIM), Bruno Moretti (FIA), Roy Wetterstad (UIM), Robert Rasor (FIM), Steve Aeschlimann (FIM))


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