NewStar Bernico has left the building

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marie Van LanckerNico Bertels, CEO of Bernico International, will be competing in the 2014 Ibiza World Championship with his Fountain Lightning. Locked and loaded, the white powerboat sets for Barcelona, Spain. There they will take the ferry to the island of Ibiza where he will be joined by the other powerboats.

We had a glimps of the powerboat that reveals 4 names. Frank Hemelaer, who has proven in the past years to be an excellent pilot, is on board again. The 2 other pilots are Dmitry Vandyshev and Andrey Panyshkin.

Powerboating whishes the NewStar-Bernico team all the best.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marie Van Lancker

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marie Van Lancker

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