Powerboating.be outranks Wikipedia!

Powerboating.be outranks Wikipedia!Since its going live in July 2008, the first and only Belgian website dedicated to powerboating kept on ranking high in Google. Powerboating.be even lets Wikipedia see its back (see images below). We achieved this ranking without any Google campaign whatsoever.

Not that these campaigns wouldn’t have mattered but the challenge was to use just plain smart ‘standards’. It’s been a target from the beginning and sure we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Of course without you powerboaters we would not even have existed. ‘Putting passion first’ has been our baseline from the beginning. After all powerboating is all about passion and so is powerboating.be! And that alone, my powerboating friends, is what truly keeps us alive: putting passion first! And now join us for some… champagne!

Powerboating.be outranks Wikipedia! Powerboating.be outranks Wikipedia!