Powerboating.be ranks high in google.be

Powerboating.be rankt hoog in Google.beOn July 2008 powerboating.be went live on the internet. Time to crack a bottle of champagne then. We could not have imagined that now 15 months later we rank very high in Google.be. Our goal was to support our P1-teams and the powerboating scene in Belgium.

A combination of words like p1 powerboat and also the word powerboating leads you to powerboating.be in the most succesful search engine ever. Search strings like Spirit of Belgium and furnibo 2b1 show up powerboating.be as a top ranked website. Try typing Searex (that’s the German powerboat team in which Gino Passchier is the throttleman) and you’ll quickly end up here on our site. These fine results in google.be deserve another bottle of champagne we reckon. Furthermore it’s nice to be on the podium as well – just like the Belgian teams – only ours is virtual. Here you’ll find more screendumps to see how powerboating.be ranked today (2009-11-01) on a national and international level in google.be.

P1 powerboat in Google - België - 1 november 2009

powerboating in Google - België - 1 november 2009

powerboat in Google - België - 1 november 2009

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