Team 26 Donzi

Team 26 Donzi First test of the year for Team 26 in Willebroek at Bernico’s factory. The pilots Dan Cramphorn and Kim Collins in their red & white DONZI 38ZRC are ready to start the 2009 Powerboat P1 season in Malta, after the news that Bahrain has been postponed to the end of October (22 – 24 October 2009 in Manama).

They are disappointed with this decision to change the date for Bahrain. They have worked very hard up to now on the new boat and they’re ready to start the first full season in P1 on time. Dan Cramphorn and Kim Collins are very happy with the Donzi setup, the hull is perfect, the engines and drives are reliable, it gives them strong performance and they’re sure to obtain very good results in Supersport category in P1 season 2009. They can’t wait to start … and win! We’re looking forward to seeing that!