2010 Malta official team entry list

Malta Grand Prix of the Sea 2010What a surprise to see the Belgian evolution team Carconnex withdrawing from the competition in Malta. Rumour has it that it’s due to family reasons. Douglas Verbanck (B) who was the Carconnex driver now races with evolution powerboat team Searex after Gino Passchier (B) decided to leave the German team.

“After 3 years with little results I decided to leave the team but I’ll be racing again”, he states. “It’s likely I will join the American racing circuit.” Seagull from the Ukraine is back in the race after a near fatal accident in Yalta 2010 and their fellow sportsmen in evoution class are ready to rock ‘n roll with their Ukranian Spirit. The weather is great, wind is picking up in beautiful Malta so let the races begin!

Supersport Evolution
Nr Boat name Team name Nr Boat name Team name
06 Jolly Drive Jolly Drive Racing Team  33 Furnibo 2B1 Racing Team
17 Spirit of Belgium Spirit of Belgium 47 Silverline Racing Silverline
22 Big Sergio Al & Al Racing Team 55 Ukrainian Spirit Ukrainian Spirit
26 Team 26 Team 26 60 Metamarine Foresti Suardi Metamarine Corse
38 Baia Attolini Baia Attolini 66 Cranefields Wine Searex Racing Team
43 Seagull Ukrainian Spirit 77 Lucas Oil SOC Scandinavian Offshore Challenge
81 Karelpiu’ RG 87 Racing Team 88 SNAV-KITON OSG Racing Team

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