Live broadcasting from the Malta pits

Malta GPS Live broadcastedThe Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea is the backdrop for new live broadcasting of the 77 LUCAS OIL Scandinavian Offshore Challenge team as they prepare for rounds 3 and 4 of the& Malta GPS World Championships 2010. Watch the action in the pits as the teams prepare themselves.

This is where languages and cultures intersect, where aerodynamics and hydrodynamics intervene, where racers from many countries battle each other and the elements. Fans will be able to gain a unique perspective of the beehive of activity and the occasional hurry-up-and-wait cadence inside the racing pits, thanks to the open technology of Ustream combined with Virtual Spectator’s VSTourTrac. Ustream provides a platform for live online event video streaming. Over 2 million registered users at Ustream generate over 1.5 million hours of live streamed content per month capturing over 10 million unique online hits. Users can watch and chat on the website and also on Ustream iPhone and Android applications.

There are at least three ways to watch the 77 LUCAS OIL Scandinavian Offshore Challenge team in the pits at the Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea:
1. Website Viewing
2. Ustream Channel
3. Mobile App (download for iPhone or Android)

“Our 77 Lucas Oil race boat has been campaigning on the international circuit since 2007, and we been seen on television in several hundred million homes all around the globe for each race, with some races having live national television,” said Nigel Hook, team captain. “This new Ustream channel offers another element to broaden the appeal of this great sport by sharing a live link into our base camp in the pits.”

Watch for Sara Henderson, CEO of the Lucas Oil Distributorship for Malta, onsite in the pits along with her General Manager, Sandro, and his staff. See the Principal of the Scandinavian Offshore Challenge Michael Silfverberg, driver of the 77 LUCAS OIL SOC, and Nigel Hook, team captain and throttleman. See all the hard-working teammates, and listen for the various accents like Swedish, American, English, Flamish, New Zealander and Italian.