2010 Malta Sprint results: Italy-Belgium ends in 1-1

Furnibo 2B1 Racing Team in Malta 2010In the GPS powerboat world championship in Malta, in Evolution class the Belgian team Furnibo 2B1 Racing Team wins. In Supersport triumph for the Italian team RG87 Karelpiu. VALLETTA. For the seventh consecutive year, powerboat endurance world championship has returned in Malta, for the GP of the Sea of Valletta 2010.

After the start of the weekend yesterday with the PowerPole, today Race1, the sprint race, which saw the perfect performance of the Belgian team in Evolution”Furnibo 2B1″. Pierre Colpin and Frank Hemelaer signed a fantastic win, pulling the team from beginning to end: “It ‘s been a very difficult race, but our engineers have done a fantastic job”, admits Pierre Colpin. “The setup of the boat was perfect. I think we can actually fight to the victory in the championship and our first rival is team Metamarine (Pennesi and Montavoci)”. Next to him a happy Frank Hemelaer: “It is not my victory or Pierre’s victory, but the victory of all the team. I’m happy because I started the 2010 season as I had finished it in 2009 with a victory.”

A second position for team”Metamarine Foresti Suardi”, Marco Pennesi and Gianpaolo Montavoci managed to gain precious points that allow them to grab second place in the overall standings. Third position for stars and stripes with Nigel Hook and Michael Silfverberg, leading “Lucas Oil Offshore Scandinavian Challenge” to gain their first points in this World Championship 2010. Fourth position goes to the German team “Cranefields Wine” (Siegfried Greve and Douglas Verbanck). A buoy was crucial to withdraw for team SNAV Kiton. And we also saw the British team Silverline withdrawing.

Karelpiu in Malta 2010

In Supersport, authentic solo for RG87 Karelpiu of Schiano dynasty: father Antonio and his son Joseph in fact sign a resounding victory: “I am a beginner”, Joseph Schiano admits, Antonio’s son, “but with a close person of great experience. Everyone thought we were here just for fun, but we are here to compete and show all our skills. The final laps never ended, but by radio I invited everyone to stay calm. I dedicate the victory to my mother and my brother Rosario”. Infinite joy of father Antonio: “There is still much to improve but thanks to many years of sailing, we immediately reached a better setup and feeling on the boat.”. Second place for Spirit of Belgium (Patrick Huybreghts and Shelley Jory-Leigh. The third step of the podium is for the Ukrainian team “Seagull” (O. Chendekov, A. Lysenko and D. Lebed). Fourth position for “Baia Attolini” that leads the overall standings, fifth place for the Big Sergio Al&Al and sixth for the British “Team 26”.


1) Furnibo 2B1 Racing Team: Pierre Colpin and Frank Hemelaer (B): 48pt
2) Metamarine Foresti Suardi: Marco Pennesi and Giampaolo Montavoci (Italy): 44pt
3) SNAV Kiton: Luca Formilli and Giancarlo Cangiano (Italy): 40pt
4) Cranefields Wine: Siegfried Greve (D) and Douglas Verbanck (B): 14pt

1) Baia Attolini: Stefano Acanfora, Renato Guidi, Vittorio Foglia Manzillo (Italy): 47pt
2) Spirit of Belgium: Shelley Jory-Leigh (UK) and Patrick Huybreghts (B): 44pt
3) Karelpiu RG87 Racing team: G. Schiano, Antonio Schiano and F. Cal (Italy): 32pt
4) Big Sergio Al&Al Team: Alfredo Nuzzo and Alfredo Amato (Italy): 27pt
5) Seagull Ukrainian spirit: O. Chendekov, A. Lysenko and D. Lebed (Ukraine): 25pt
7) Jolly Drive Racing Team: Federico Montanari and Alfredo Zanardo (Italy): 13pt
6) Team 26: Kim Collins and Crampton (UK): 5pt

Supersport Podium

Evolution Podium