2011 Ocean Grand Prix round 3 at Siracusa: win for Jolly Drive and Furnibo

Jolly Drive win round 3 at Siracusa OGP 2011Under a burning Sicilian sun only the light sea breeze brings some refreshment. yo the pits The crews covered the powertboats as much as possible to keep the temperatures from rising skyhigh in the cockpits. Some pilots even wear iced jackets underneath their rescue gear just before starting their powerboat.

The sprint race was altered. All evo and supersport powerboats left the wet pit around 16:30 and set off behind the startboat to the muster place. As all boats were lined up the start boat showed a yellow flag while taking on more speed. As soon as race director Jean-Marie Van Lancker raised the green flag in the startboat the throttles of every powerboat are pushed wide open. Those who’ve witnessed a powerboat start will agree that every time is an impressive experience over and over again. Team 2B1 Racing with Furnibo took the lead immediately and were never threatened during the whole sprint race of 10 laps. Lucas Oil came in second and the German team Cranefields Wine had to stop after 3 completed laps due to engine failure. In supersport Jolly Drive took the victory in their Yanmar powered Albatro. Team Force One with their Donzi Marine powerboat named ‘Sif’ finished second and Karelpiu’ followed third in their Mercury powered Fountain. You’ll find the details below. Tomorrow there will be another sprint race and on Sunday the endurance race will be run.

Siracusa results round 3

Supersport class
Place – boat nr. – name – time – points
1 – 06 – Jolly Drive – 00:36:35,00 – 20
2 – 38 – SIF – 00:36:58,12 – 16
3 – 81 – Karelpiu’ – 00:37:06,76 – 12

Evo class
Place – boat nr. – name – time – points
1 – 33 – Furnibo – 00:35:55,43 – 20
2 – 77 – Lucas Oil SOC – 00:37:58,32 – 16
3 – 66 – Hercules Sägemann – RET – 0

Team 2B1 Racing with Furnibo at Sircusa 2011

Team Jolly Drive going for gold

Supersport podium round 3 2011

Evo podium round 3 2011