Breaking news on the Siracusa OGP race track

Powwerboats are testing the track, the boat and the enginesToday the organisation announced that there will be no Pole Position on Friday September 2nd 2011. The start order of the powerboats for the sprint and endurance will be determined by draw during the pilots’ main briefing at 12:00h. The sprint race for evo and suersport will be run from 17:00h to 18:00h.

Furthermore buoys D1, G and K have been left out the race. So the yellow buoys F an J have changed positions and got new coordinates. The Evo powerboats will race a start lap and 9 laps; the Supersport powerboats will race a start lap and 8 laps. Nothing changed there as the clockwize direction is also maintained. Stay tuned for more news and take a look at the new track here below.

Siracusa 2011 final track