2017 SilverHook World Speed Record Key West to Cuba Challenge August 17

Nigel Hook’s #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook race boat, is already a premiere showcase of technology, but now his team is planning to incorporate BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) for transmitting  engine data, heart rate, and the cockpit audio during their upcoming world speed record: the 2017 Lucas Oil Ocean Cup – Key West to Cuba and back. The timeline to fully integrate and test out the BGAN solution has resulted in a date shift of the world speed record which is now scheduled for August 17, 2017. Check out much more and enjoy the video’s below.


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Round the world super powerboat takes shape

Good HeartWhen it comes to boating records, they don’t come any bigger than circumnavigating the world, and for British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy, his second attempt at the powerboat round the world record, scheduled for the end of 2011, has seen the birth of a remarkable boat. Named “Good Heart”, the 90ft wave-piercing aluminium hull will be powered by twin diesel engines with waterjet drives, averaging 25 knots around the clock, with a top speed of 47 knots. (more…)

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