San Benedetto del Tronto 2009 Powerpole

Metamarine Corse Pignolo in Istanbul 2009Yesterday July 3rd 2009 the powerpole was decided in a humid atmosphere at 28 degrees Celsius and a flat sea. The team that sets the best time gets to pick the starting place. No less than 16 powerboats will be competing in the Powerboat P1 Italian Grand Prix of the Sea.

Masforce Pegase, Furnibo 2B1 and Searex Cranefields Wine are looking forward to racing here. It came as a total surprise that 4 boats didn’t make the starting line (of the powerpole). Furnibo 2B1, the team of Colpin and Hemelaer had to lift one of the Mercury’s due to severe engine problems. After a podium place in Istanbul this is a set back. They’re still giving all they can because in the night from Friday to Saturday they had their spare engine brought over from Belgium!

Searex Cranefields Wine with Gino Passchier and Mark Niemann finally seem to have found their luck again since engine problems kept them out of the race in Malta and Istanbul. They have set the best time in powerpole if they hadn’t mist the buouy. The Masforce Pegase team (Patrick Huybreghts, Micha Robijn and Marc Sluszny) came up 4th. The competition in supersport is quiet heavy for them. They will have to fight for their position by maintaining their speed in the turns. So it seems like an exiting weekend.

Furnibo 2B1 San Benedetto del Tronto

Classified Results (Evolution):
1. #53 Metamarine Corse Pignolo (Marco Pennesi / Luca Nicolini) Time: 02:41.20 (zie foto boven)
2. #88 SNAV OSG (Hannes Bohinc / Giovanni Carpitella) 02:41.26
3. #10 Cigarette Smash Poker (Luca Formilli Fendi / Matteo Nicolini) 02:44.41
4. #47 Silverline (Jan Falkowski / Drew Langdon) 02:53.20
5. #66 Cranefield Wines (Mark Niemann / Gino Passchier) 05:41.00*
7. #33 Furnibo (Pierre Colpin / Frank Hemelaer) DNS
7. #77 Lucas Oil Budweiser (Joe Sgro / Nigel Hook / Mike Fiore) DNS

* Incl. 03:00 minutes punishment due to the skipping of a buoy.

Classified Results (Supersport):
1. #38 Baia Attolini (Stefano Acanfora / Renato Guidi / Roy Capasso) Time: 03:14.31
2. #43 Seagull Chaudron (Aaron Ciantar / Angelo Tedesci / Viktor Shemchuk 03:15.88
3. #44 Ikocasa (Shelley Jory / Audrien Ciantar) 03:17.01
4. #17 MasForce (Micha Robyn / Patrick Huybreghts / Marc Sluszny) 03:24.82
5. #28 Blue Shaft (Gianbattista Gabriele / Alfredo Zanardo / Federico Montanari) 03:35.07
6. #22 Big Sergio (Alfredo Nuzzo / Alfredo Amato) 04:19.12*
7. #26 Team SW1 Capital (Daniel Cramphorn / Kim Collins) 06:13.37**
9. #08 Phoenix 8 (Martin Lai) DNS
9. #59 Saho (Maurizio Di Stasio / Federico Terenziani) DNS

* Incl. 01:00 minute punishment due to overspeeding
**Incl. 03:00 minutes punishment due to the skipping of a buoy.

Colleague Sven Sieveke (D) send me these great pictures of team Searex Cranefields Wine.

Searex Cranefields Wine San Benedetto del Tronto 2009

Searex Cranefields Wine San Benedetto del Tronto 2009

Searex Cranefields Wine San Benedetto del Tronto 2009


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