TV production company Chris Courteyn covers 2010 events

Chris Courteyn BVBABelgian Chris Courteyn, TV Producer, send us the following information. We are delighted to produce the 2010 Powerboat Grand Prix of the Sea World Championship for you. In our 20 years of TV productions, we produced about everything that has an engine. In these 20 years, most of our clients have a long time relation with us.

However not Powerboat racing , and that was already for a very long time high on our list of things to do. This because we like the powerboat championship and cover several championships not only because it?s business, but also because we like the sport.

For 2010 we will start with a TV production for the Championship. On site we will produce a 3 minute news item that we will deliver to Eurovision news. After the weekend at our return to Belgium we will produce a 52 minutes show. This program will be distributed by us to the following countries were we can guarantee transmission for the complete program or parts of it: Belgium / France / Italy / Portugal / Poland / Hungary / Serbia / Croatia / Romania / United Kingdom / Ireland / Sweden / Norway / USA / Australia / Middle East.

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