Virtual Supersport by TimeTronik

Virtual SupersportWe’ve added a new and unique feature on our website thanks to the timekeepers team (TimeTronik). Each supersport boat has a timebox built by TimeTronik that keeps track of the speed. As you know overspeeding in that class can result in penalties (extra time). Smart use of these data made it possible to also show how they raced the course thanks to a gps module.

So the TimeTronik guys made an animation based on true facts and figures that reconstructs and plots the course along the track for each Supersport powerboat. As an example we’ve put the Sunday race of Malta 2010 online in two dimensions: 640 x 400 (small) and 1280 x 800 (big). You can always watch it in full screen. This absolutely unique feature is undoubtedly an added value to our website and will be welcomed by the Supersport teams. You’ll find it under the menu button Multmedia and then choose Virtual Supersport. Enjoy it!

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