2010 Poltu Quatu GPS official entry list

2010 Poltu QuatuWhile the Evolution Class sees no changes, Supersport does. Martin Lai returns in his SuperSport powerboat now called Asia 2011-15. His team is composed of driver Jo Nunez (USA), navigator Chun Kit Siu (CHN) and with Martin Lai (CHN) himself on the throttles. The missing team of the moment is team 26 (GB).

They decided not to enter the race. The reason behind this decision is not yet clear. Patrick Huybreghts of Spirit of Belgium who got violently trown out of his boat in Malta suffered minor injuries and is fully recovered so that Shelley Jory Leigh has her throtlleman next to her in their Nor-Tech powerboat. Just as a reminder: the Evolution Ukranian Spirit (boat 55) missed Malta due to repairs and replacing the engines. They are here now and are more than ever ready to show that Chaudron can also build performant Evolution Class powerboats. With this heat with temperatures rising above 34 °C man and machine will have to pull through.

Supersport Evolution
Nr Boat name Team name  Country Nr Boat name Team name Country
06 Jolly Drive Jolly Drive Racing Team  33 Furnibo 2B1 Racing Team
08 Asia 2011-15 Ocean Dragon Racing 47 Silverline Racing Silverline
17 Spirit of Belgium Spirit of Belgium 55 Ukrainian Spirit Ukrainian Spirit
22 Big Sergio Al & Al Racing Team 60 Metamarine Foresti Suardi Metamarine Corse
38 Baia Attolini Baia Attolini 66 Cranefields Wine Searex Racing Team
43 Seagull Ukrainian Spirit 77 Lucas Oil SOC Scandinavian Offshore Challenge
81 Karelpiu’ RG 87 Racing Team 88 Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa OSG Racing Team