2010 Poltu Quatu is on!

Jolly Drive MarineSo they will be back soon in the battle. Onto the water, for the third leg of GPS world championship. The arena is the amazing sea of the Costa Smeralda, in the stunning village of Poltu Quatu, Sardinia. In Supersport, the team JollyDrive works hard as Federico Montanari said: “We had some problems with oil pressure and cooling.

We’ve worked hard the last two weeks to put everything in place and get the boat up and running again. We hope to run a good race in Sardinia and finish every round (Sprint and Endurance). We want to grow and we really want to be able to get at the top of the standings. Certainly many little problems we have had in Yalta like our propellers but we hope to finish without any problems. The good thing is our relationship with Jollydrive. They are serious people and professionals who devote so much time, passion and skills to this project. We want to work at our best in 2010 to prepare ourselves for the best season 2011 but do not forget that Italian Championship will also now start in Poltu Quatu and we are all starting from scratch?

Marco PennesiAt the top of the standings, in Evolution Class, is team Metamarine Racing. Marco Pennesi: “I think that finally our time has come and I am eager to win the championship because times go fast and soon I’ll have to leave the driving to someone who is younger than me. We have not worked on the boat to make it run faster since Malta but to make it safer and more reliable. I go to Poltu Quatu with great joy, because the last time I raced there I won the championship back in 2004. I remember a fantastic sea and therefore it was great for my powerboat. In fact I took two first places. Now we have to manage the lead in the best way.”

The weather forecast for Poltu Quatu gives us a smooth sea, not much wind and temperatures of over 30 °C. The battle could be decided at the bouys: who takes the sharpest turns and pushes the throtlles to the limit. Which team will push his powerboat to cut these turns like a knife through butter. We’ll see what happens. Today, Friday, the powerpole race wil be run. The results of that powerpole decides who starts where in the Sprint (on Saturday) and Endurance (on Sunday).