Italian Sprint victory in Poltu Quatu 2010 GPS World Championship

Metamarine Foresti Suardi - credit: Karel OverlaetTeam Metamarine Corse and team Al & Al win in their class the Sprint Race. In Poltu Quatu, Sardinia, in Evolution Class Metamarine Foresti Suardi with Pennesi-Montavoci wins, while the Italian team AL & AL with Nuzzo-Amato triumphs in Supersport. A genuine triumph in the Sprint Race “made in Italy”.

In Evolution and SuperSport Class, the GPS World Championship speaks Italian with two teams that won round 1 in the Grand Prix of the Sea 2010 in Poltu Quatu. In Evolution it was Metamarine Foresti Suardi with the duo Marco Pennesi and Giampaolo Montavoci: “It’s the result of three years of hard work and the guidance of two people who have lots of experience. Hard work, day and night, weekends, holidays and even Easter,”admits an enthusiastic Pennesi.”The boat that we use is the best. Now we look for another team that brings a diesel into the race because that can boost the competition.” Gianpaolo Montavoci agrees: “Indeed all the others teams put off the boat in October and resume in April while Marco Pennesi doesn’t. And the difference is there. Marco’s passion knows no bounderies: he starts immediately after the last race to work on the boat. We are a perfect mix and all the components between the hull and engines are of top quality.” Metamarine won of Lucas Oil and the withdrawal of team Furnibo and OSG Grottammare gave the duo a substantial advantage.

Big Sergio - credit: Karel OverlaetIn Supersport the first place is for team Al & Al. Alfredo Nuzzo and Alfredo Amato enjoy their well earned victory. “Our success is the fruit of the many efforts that we put in over the years,” said Nuzzo. “Especially since we won the race with an overpass which I think many pilots will remember. I admit, to win in that way gives an enormous satisfaction.” Alfredo Amato sits next to him and says: “Now we hope to continue in this way and see what happens in the world championship as the top of the standings is within our reach.” Al & AL wins before Seagull Chaudron, excellent second and KarelPiu who won at first but got penalty time for overspeeding and is now in third position. Fourth place went team Baia Attolini and the fifth team Kenon with 2009 world champion Angelo Tedeschi.