2011 Virtual Powerboating Malta online

Virtual PowerboatingThanks to whizz kid Edwin of TimeTronik, the official OGP timekeepers, we have the 2011 Malta round 1 online for you. In every powerboat of Supersport and Evo class a small high-tech device was installed logging every move and time of the powerboat. Edwin programmed a great tool that is able to read the data and translate it into an animation.

You can follow every powerboat by its number and next to it the number of laps are displayed. It’s great to see how the competitors are switching places and taking the buoys. The Virtual Powerboating player allows you to speed up or go back to a certain point in time to see exactly what happend. Enough said. Let’s see what it looks like. Just hop on over to the menubar and choose multmedia. The rest is obvious. Enjoy the 2011 Malta round 1 race and stay tuned for more!