Interview Pierre Colpin: Yalta and Malta

We had the chance to talk to Pierre Colpin, driver of the 2B1 Racing Team in Furnibo (on the right in the picture) and ask him some questions.

1 What were your expectations towards the UIM GPS in Yalta?
Due to the fact that the P1 CEO Asif Rangoonwala left the organization for what it was, teams were worried about the 2010 season. Lucky for all of us Jean-Marie Van Lancker and Kathy Van den Hende managed to organize the new season in a 6 weeks period. The new Grand Prix of the Sea was born. They informed all the teams that the organization in Yalta was eager to stage the event and that they were up and running. Yalta was an important raceweekend and Jean-Marie asked all the teams to goto Yalta and not to abandon the Grand Prix of the Sea like Asif abandoned us and P1. Convinced that this Ukrainian venue could save the 2010 races, all teams participated.

2 You couldn’t join your team in Yalta so what went through your head at home?
It was my intention to race in Yalta and had already booked my flight. Nobody likes to miss out on a World Championship leg. My wife was still recovering from a severe case of pneumonia and I decided last minute not to go and stay at home. It was the right thing to do.
The weekend seemed to last a week though! I tried to imagine what was going on with the team and I must confess it’s quite stressfull. Thanks to existacne of cellphones I could contact the crew so it felt good to get the information. The team asked me to jump in the first plane and fly over because it was an absolute perfect organization. A couple of days ago I received the 30 minute movie Tommy Vuylsteke had composed and everyone who will see it on Exqi-tv will agree with me that it must of been great to be part of the event.

3 2B1 Racing Team performed very well at Yalta: 3rd overall in the evolution class. How high do you aim in Malta?
Indeed, Frank (throttles) and Benjamin (driver) did a fantastic job in the Ukraine. It was Benjamin’s first race ever with Frank and although they haven’t got much practice together it went smooth. Second place on Saturday (sprint race) and third place on Sunday (Endurance Race), I say: a job well done.
I aim high in Malta. We hope to win in Sprint and/or Endurance and win the weekend. Our powerboat with new grafix by Jennifer Milani is more than ready thanks to our technical manager Nicolas Vanakelyen. During the previous season Frank and I grew together as one team so I’m looking forward racing again.
After Yalta we had contact with Mark Wilson (father of Graig) and we bought new propellors that perform even better and give us more speed. Our sponsor ING Private Banking also provides opportunities.

4 How does a pilot prepare himself for powerboat races?
I jog a lot and ride my bycicle. But an inflammation on my foot due to the overload my condition isn’t what is was anymore. Although it worries me a bit I truly hope this will not affect our performance.