See who’s competing in Ibiza 2014

2014 Ibiza World Chamionship - courtesy of /IWC\On the website of the race organizors we can read who will be competing in the 2014 Ibiza World Championship. Belgium has two teams of which more info will be published soon on In that championship there are two classes of powerboats in the arena: Class One and Class V 1.

Class One are very powerful catamarans reaching speeds up to 250 km/h and more. Class V One all are monohuls also powered by two engines en breaking the 200 km/h barrier. These powerboats are very spectacular in turns as you can see in the picture below (SilverHook, a Mannerfelt design. Photo by Karel Overlaet, medianaut). The race is organised according the UIM (Union International Motonautique, Monaco).

The UIM is committed to the highest standards of conduct in sport administration and competition. To meet this commitment, the UIM has developed a Code of Ethics to express the core values of both the organisation and the sport of Powerboating. Such values and ethics underpin the UIM’s policies, procedures and rules. Observance of the code is vital to the integrity of Powerboating. The UIM Code of Ethics is inspired to the ethical principles of the Olympic Movement of which the UIM is member.

A SilverHook powerboat taking a steep turn - (c) Karel Overlaet, Medianaut

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