Bacoli is preparing for the powerpole

Wet pitUnder a grey sky crews uncover the powerboats, repair, fine-tune some parts in order to get ready for the powerpole race at 17:00 hours today (Friday 03/09/2010). The first boats are going into the water for the free training session at 10:30 hours. Later today at 14:30 hours the training is obligatory for all classes.

Disappointing is the absence of the English teams (Team 26 in Supersport and Silverline in Evolution). The expire date for the entries is today Friday at noon. It’s unlikely that they will show up. The reason why is not clear. Lack of sponsorship is most likely the reason knowing how tuff the economical times still are these days. Anyway people are running around in the pits, teams are greeting eachother, security measures are taken, cranes are in operation … The race is Bacoli is on!