Iltalian teams rule in the Bacoli 2010 Powerpole

2010 BacoliIn Supersport Big Sergio (I) set the fastest time over the course with 3 min. 26 sec and 87/100 in their outerlimits powerboat. Just less than 2 seconds later Baia Attolini (I) took second place followed by Seagull Chaudron (UA) and Jolly Drive (I). Enthousiastic Karelpiu (I) did not finish due to a technical malfunction.

So they start in Sprint and Endurance on place 5. In the Evolution Class Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa (I) set the fastest lap with 3 min. 4 sec and 51/100. Cranefields Wine (D) took third place with just 1/100 of a second behind Metamarine Foresti Suardi. Furnibo 2B1 (B) took a disappointing 4th place knowing that in previous powerpoles the were very fast. Ukrainian Spirit (UA) took fifth place. Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge (S) were having fuse problems during the training session in their Vector and it happenend again during this powerpole that ended just seconds after they started. “A broken fuse,” Nigel Hook declared, “was the reason why we had to give up after less than 10 seconds. But we’re up and running for the races this weekend”.

Evolution Class – Powerpole Supersport Class – Powerpole
Pos. Nr. Boat Name Lap Time     Pos. Nr. Boat Name Lap Time
1 88 Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa 00:03:04,51 1 22 Big Sergio 00:03:26,87
2 60 Metamarine Foresti&Suardi 00:03:05,88 2 38 Baia Attolini 00:03:28,54
3 66 Cranefields Wine – Carconnex 00:03:05,89 3 43 Seagull Chaudron 00:03:33,19
4 33 Furnibo 00:03:07,53 4 06 Jolly Drive 00:03:45,62
5 55 Ukrainian Spirit 00:03:10,93 5 81  Karelpiu RET
6 77 Lucas Oil SOC DNS