Murphy visits Bacoli Sprint and Endurance races

Murphy strikes Big SergioIn both classes, Supersport and Evolution, Murphy struck some teams hard. For the Supersport Sprint on Saturday Karelpiu and Big Sergio couldn’t take any points and for the Endurance Race on Sunday Seagull Chaudron and again Big Sergio failed to race.

It was especially hard for Big Sergio because the team worked very hard on Saturday night and Sunday morning to get their powerboat up and running. In the Evolution class it were Cranefields Wine, Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge and Furnibo 2B1 who met Murphy leaving them with 0 points. This situation in both classes shrunk the number of participants and of those who finished the races.

In the Evolution Class the Bacoli 2010 battle ended with Metamarine Foresti Suardi #60 (I) on 1st, Ukrainian Spirit #55 (UA) on 2nd and Snav Kiton Interporto Sud Europa #88 (I) on 3rd place. 4th was Cranefields Wine #66 (D), 5th Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge #77 (S) and 6th Furnibo 2B1 (B). The Supersport podium for the Bacoli 2010 weekend looked like this: 1st place fot Baia Attalini #38 (I), 2nd place for Jolly Drive #06 (I) and 3rd place for Karelpiu #88 (I). Seagul Chaudron #43 (UA) ended up 4tha and Big Sergio #22 (I) 5th.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Siracusa will keep Murphy away from the Grand Prix of the Sea.

2010 Bacoli Supersport

2010 Bacoli Evolution