Audio interview with Nigel Hook and Janet Wilson

Nigel Hook and Janet WilsonThe 2011 Ocean Grand Prix UIM Endurance World Championships will have its first stop in Malta on June 10 to 12. The powerboats are already on their way to this beautiful Mediterranean island. Rumours had it that the all red, white and bleu powerboat number 77 (Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge) would be a brand new concept especially designed to race. This new design was kept hidden and no pictures were to be found. Eager to hear more about this secret project, held a Skype call on Sunday May 29th with the renowned Nigel Hook and team manager Janet Wilson.

Needless to say that it was a pleasant and very inspiring interview with one of the most – if not the most – famous powerboating pair in the world. We’ll keep you up to date but for now sit back, relax, take a drink and listen to this podcast. Feel free to comment.